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We all know that article marketing is one of the most effective, white-hat SEO strategies. Articles are a fantastic way to get your message out there and build links to your site.

The problem is, article marketing can be a grueling, time-consuming process, without the right tools.

Current Article Marketing Tools Have Too Many Issues:

  • They post to article directories, many of which have been penalized for being "content farms"
  • There is no guarantee that your article will be accepted
  • Most article directories do not like automatic submission and are constantly breaking tools by changing their submission methods
  • The articles are all posted at once so you have to constantly create and post new articles
  • Most article submission tools do not allow Spyntax, and duplicate articles don't carry the weight of unique content
  • Writing articles and/or managing outsourced content takes a lot of time
  • Most article directories do not allow links within the content

We consulted with some of the leading article marketing professionals in order to develop the ultimate article marketing software. Our tried and true platform incorporates powerful tools that make your article submissions more effective.

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High PageRank, Web 2.0 Sites

Many article directories have been penalized by the search engines for being nothing more than "content farms". Every Web 2.0 site in our massive network has PageRank and already carries authority with the search engines. This brings more value to your articles and makes your links more effective.

Article Submission Queues

Take advantage of powerful article queuing functionality that allows you to drip-feed your articles on a schedule. Post your articles all at once or distribute a certain number per day or week. Article queuing extends the life of your link building campaigns and looks more natural to the search engines.

Built-In Article Spinning

It has been proven time and time again that duplicate content is not nearly as effective as unique articles. is integrated with The Best Spinner Tool which makes it easy to use Spyntax in your articles. Then, each time an article is posted, a unique version is published.

In-Content Links

Most article directories do not allow you to embed links within the content. Instead, the author's name is linked or your link is set apart from the content in a separate resource box. This makes the links less effective in improving your search engine rankings. With, you can embed up to two links within your content, using your keywords as your anchor text.

YouTube Video Embedding

With just a couple button clicks, you can easily embed a YouTube video within the content of your article. Getting more embeds and video views has never been easier!

Free, Fill-In-The-Blank Article Templates

Our free article wizard makes it easy to "write" articles in just a few minutes. Fill in the blanks to complete the content and the article wizard will create a pre-spun article with your links already embedded!

Bulk Article Upload

Import articles in a flash with our Bulk Article Upload tool. Simply create a CSV with the article titles and content, and easily import dozens of articles into the system.

Built-In Article Outsourcing

Don't have time to write? Quickly outsource your articles to our experienced team of professional writers at unbelievably low prices.

Relevant Websites

Website categories make sure that your articles are published on relevant sites with other content that relates to the topic of your articles.

Easy Article Management

Create "Article Profiles" to easily organize your articles by client, topic, campaign, etc. Then, search and filter your articles to quickly find what you need.

Diversify with 3 Link Types

With, you can do a lot more than just market articles. Create Comment and Contextual Links to diversify your link portfolio.

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Built-in Article Spinning and Scheduling

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