Article Marketing Guidelines

Our strong Publisher network is one of the reasons that system is the ultimate article marketing software. Please help us keep the network strong by following the guidelines below.

Posting articles that do not meet our article post guidelines can result in immediate termination of your account with no refund.

Article Post Guidelines

  • At the request of our publishers, we cannot allow adult posts or posts with adult links to be distributed through the system.

  • Blogs with posts in different languages can send up a flag to the search engines, so articles and article titles need to be in English.

  • Gambling and casino articles and articles with gambling or casino links are allowed, but you must select the gambling category (and only the gambling category) for your article profile.

  • Articles with obvious keyword spam, poor grammar, or content that is otherwise disrespectful to our Publishers are also not allowed in our system.

  • Please select the correct category for your article profiles. This helps you and the publishers keep content (and links) relevant.

  • We prefer articles that are at least 350 words. You may submit shorter articles, but they must be very good quality or they may be removed.

  • Check out our Tips for Writing Effective Link Building Articles