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Earn Money AND Get Free Content

PostLinks is the ultimate autoblogging WordPress plugin, allowing WordPress site owners to quickly and easily monetize their sites while getting free, keyword-rich content. By installing the PostLinks WordPress plugin, you have the ability to earn monthly residual income for each Article Post, Comment, and Contextual Link that you choose to allow our advertisers to place on your site.

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Earn Monthly Residual Income

Making money from your WordPress site has never been easier! Earn credits for each new and existing Article Post, Contextual Link, and Comment you choose to display on your site.

Then, every month, PostLinks will pay you a revenue share, based on the number of credits you have earned. Since earnings are based on your MOZ Domain Authority, your links will earn more credits as your site matures, fresh content is added, and your Domain Authority improves.

Best of All...
Not only will you earn credits for each new link, but you will earn credits every month for as long as the link is displayed on your site. The credits add up fast, and the sooner you get started, the bigger your revenue share!

MOZ Domain Authority Credits per Month
DA 10-15 1
DA 16-21 5
DA 22-27 10
DA 28-34 20
DA 35+ 40

Free Content, Packed with Keywords

PostLinks' unique brand of links has the added value of improving publisher MOZ Domain Authority by automatically supplying free, keyword-rich content. Full-length articles and comments add fresh content automatically, and categories keep the posts relevant to your website.

Three Types of Content Links

Through your PostLinks control panel, you have the option to accept one or all of our link types: Article Posts, Contextual Links, and Comments.

Article Posts are full-length posts which add value to your site while attracting search engine spiders with rich keywords and fresh content.

Comments make your site appear more authoritative to visitors and spiders.

Contextual Links automatically turn keywords in your existing content into links.

Set It and Forget It!

PostLinks puts the "auto" in autoblogging with a simple system that takes no time to maintain. Simply install the PostLinks plugin, choose which link types you wish to accept, and the system does the rest. You will automatically receive fresh content and automatically earn monthly residual income.

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