Publisher FAQ

What is is a text link brokerage that allows webmasters to buy and sell text links. Our system supports 3 of the most effective link types; Article Posts, Contextual Links, and Comment Links.

Can I delete posts?

You can easily remove links and posts at any time through your control panel and your credits will be adjusted. Deleting links through your WordPress panel or another method could be grounds for suspension.

For articles, do I get credits per link or per article?

You earn credits for the article itself, not for each link in the article.

There is a limit of 2 links per article.
There is a limit of 1 YouTube video per article.

Contextual and comment links are different, these are links that are added to your blog on your existing content. In this case you earn credits for each individual link.

What types of blog platforms work with PostLinks?

At this time, the PostLinks plugin only works with Wordpress blogs.

What payment options are available?

At this time, all payments are sent through PayPal.

How long does it take before my blog starts getting links?

As soon as your blog is verified, it is ready to accept links. Advertisers select blogs based on relevancy and Domain Authority, so you could receive links very quickly or it might take a little bit. It just depends on the Advertisers.

Which WordPress login/user types are acceptable?

PostLinks requires WordPress user information in order to publish the links. It can be any WordPress user with rights of 'author' or 'administrator'. But, usernames such as PostLinks are not allowed as this could leave a footprint.

How much money can I make?

The amount of money you can earn depends your revenue share and your share of the revenue depends on the number of credits you earn each month. You earn credits each time you allow an Advertiser to place an Article Post, Contextual Link, or Comment Link on your site. The higher the Domain Authority of your site, the more credits each link is worth. The best part is, you don't just earn credits for new links. When any link is placed on your site, you earn credits for that link every month, as long as the link appears on your site.

To find out how many credits you earn per link, based on your Domain Authority, visit our publisher page.

If a post appears on my home page as well as category listings, etc. are there multiple payments?

You earn credits once per link or post, based on the Domain Authority of your site, regardless of how many places the post appears in your blog.

Can I choose a category for the advertiser's post?

There are currently no options to choose a category.

Are link payments prorated?

Your revenue share is calculated based on the number of credits you have at the close of business (Midnight CST) on the last day of the month.

Will I get a chance to approve the links before they are published to my blog?

The software will automatically create the links, but you have the ability to cancel any unwanted links or article posts from your control panel.